Kellis singing the tune of giving and charity

Kelis is a star of the pop music scene back in new york city in the united states of America. Recently, she released a new album called food. This is why for her there is such a strong association between music and food. But it’s not just the album title that serves as the connection. She was recently quoted by Australian journalists as saying that both music and food are fantastic in that they are soothing for the soul and the inner sense of the person consuming them. Essentially, both things are life giving and make people feel better. She went on to say that they both can bring people happiness, and to make them feel all chilled out and relaxed generally. She said they both also have the power to unite and bring peoples together.kelis milk shakes and food

In promoting her new album she was recently seen at a big music conference, handing out food from a food truck there. The truck was a gourmet food truck.

She actually said of Australia that she would park her food truck right out front of the opera house in Sydney.

Kelis the famed singer is set to fly out to Australia in July to perform at the splendor in the grass music festival. Recently, however, she was in Austin Texis making food and selling it to people out of a gourmet food van. This was a plan to bring more publicity and promotion to her new album food. She was seen there smiling and showing off for the cameras. She also said to them that she was enjoying herself working in the van. She said she had an awesome time because she just loves food so much. For her the opportunity to interact with the fans while bringing a smile to their faces was such a satisfying thing because they give just so much to her when they go to her concerts and buy her music albums.

She was quick to dash any suggestion she did it deliberately to draw attention to herself. Rather than deny it she said she did try to do it but that she just tends to attract attention naturally without having to plan and try.

In the talk with the reporters she said her favorite food at the stand was the jerk ribs. She said her fame and fortune and the fact she gets so much attention by the public and the media alike is because of word of mouth. She said every one just said i want pork ribs and she just gives it to them, they get happy and then want more. It just keeps going and going like that for her.

Funnily enough this is the name of one of the songs from the album. It is called jerk ribs. Her last album was much dancier and house sounding because it was made with David Guetta a dj. This new album is full of soul and her classic old rnb which she is just so good at. This genre really is her bread and butter. The guy that helped her produce the first song on the album, jerk ribs, is also into food. So it was natural that they were able to team up in producing said song.